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Westbeacon Farm

Beacon Energy is a non-profit making company that aims to promote public awareness of global warming and encourage the reduction of CO2 emissions. West Beacon Farm features numerous interlinked renewable energy technologies including wind turbines, photo-voltaic panels, a groundsource heat-pump system, a hydrogen energy storage system incorporating an electrolyser, storage tanks and two fuel cells, a combined heat and power unit powered by propane, solar water heating and two water-powered generators.

Another contribution towards a greener environment

NaREC, the New and Renewable Energy Centre in the UK is one of the world’s foremost authorities in the development of alternative energy sources and is a key element in the strategy to meet renewable energy targets agreed at the 1997 Kyoto Conference.

Control Techniques were chosen to power a turbine blade testing facility at NaREC, the only facility in Europe equipped to provide comprehensive two-axis testing of blades - up to 70 metres in length! Here, seven winches, each under the control of Unidrive SP drives provide simultaneous bending distributed along the length of the blade, each at pre-determined loads ranging from 10 to 40 tonnes line pull.

"The Unidrive SP drives are the only drives which could give us the flexibility we need"